Hose Pump IoT Intelligent Control System HKNet


The hose pump is widely used in various industries because of its unique advantage that the medium only contacts the inner cavity of the corrosion-resistant hose. With the rapid development of chip technology, sensors, and IoT technology, hose pumps will also become smarter and more convenient to use. Can you imagine what the future hose pumps will look like?

Firstly, the hose pump should have a “smart brain”, that is, an intelligent control module, which can receive various information and give control signals.

Secondly, it should have various sensitive “antennae”, that is, various sensors which can detect various state parameters. For example, the temperature sensor measures the temperature of the pump chamber, the liquid level sensor detects the level of lubricating oil, and the pressure sensor detects the pressure at the outlet of the pump. If the temperature of the pump chamber is detected to be too high, the information is transmitted to the control module, and the control module can automatically stop the operation of the pump according to the preset program to protect the pump from damage; similarly, when the lubricating oil level is detected to be too high, it means that the hose has been damaged or leaked, and the pump can also be stopped automatically; when the pump outlet pressure is detected to be too high, that is, the outlet pipeline is blocked, and the pump can also be stopped by itself.

Of course, hose pumps should also have strong “communication skills”, that is, the application of IoT technology. On the one hand, various state information can be detected, and at the same time, these state information and other operating information such as pump running time, current and accumulated flow can be sent to the cloud platform. The user only needs a mobile terminal to view various state data of the pump in real time.

Finally, hose pumps should also have predictive capabilities, that is, an active early warning system based on big data. When it predicts that a certain part or component of the equipment will have a problem, such as the hose life is about to expire, the warning sytem will actively send out a maintenance reminder message, and change passive maintenance to active maintenance, which can improve efficiency and better ensure the stability of the equipment operation.

The hose pump intelligent control system HKNet independently developed by Hankun has all the above functions.

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