Water Treatment
Water Treatment
• Hydrochloric acid
• Caustic soda
• Polymers
• Sodium hypochlorite ("hypo")
• Powder activated carbon (PAC)
• Lime or ferric chloride
• Potassium permanganate for oxidation and disinfection

One of the more common uses of our peristaltic pumps is in Waste Water Treatment Works or Plants (WWTWs / WWTPs) as primary sludge pumps or dosing pumps. By virtue of the pumps design the lack of any glands, seals or valves to block or wear results in a reduction overall service and ultimately life costs.HIGHPUMP™ has many ideal solutions for municipal and industrial water treatment plants.
There are many accessories and connections available depending on customer's system set-up,including leak detection, pulsation dampeners, flanged/NPT connections, stainless steel, polypropylene and PVDF inserts etc..

In dosing applications sodium and calcium hypochlorite (“hypo”) tends to off-gas when pumped which can result in vapour-locking in diaphragm pumps.
Extra features of the HIGHPUMP™ 

• Low shear :

• Especially where polyelectrolyte’s are in the sludge

• Glandless operation :

• Reduces housekeeping costs.

• All the sewage works maintain clean image

• True positive no-slip displacement

• Invaluable for filter press processes where speed must be control led inversely to pressure.