• Thickened slurry
• Sludge
• Mud
• Clay suspension
• Copper tailings
• Viscous fluids
• Fluids with high solid content
• Flocculants and reagent feeds
• Activated carbon
• Sulfuric acid
• Viscous fluids
• SABX - various acids

Hose pumps are ideal for industrial / mining sludge and slurries due to their simple design, superior solid handling, suction lift and dry-run capabilities. Industrial slurries are usually highly abrasive, typically contains solids of 60% by weight and specific gravities far greater than that of water,which can result in frequent and expensive maintenance,while hose pumps can pump varying viscosity fluids along with solids, making them perfectly suited for mining applications.

Our pumps are also excellent when used for reagent dosing applications that contain highly corrosive chemicals such as sulphuric or hydrochloric acid used in processing the copper, cobalt and gold.