• Acids and acid neutralizers
• Alcohols
• Aluminum sulphate
• Catalytic agents
• Hydro carbons
• Solvents
• Plating solutions
• Polymers
• Resin
• Titanium dioxide

The chemical industry has high requirements for pump delivery. This industry normally has to pump aggressive and corrosive fluids that include slurries, suspended solids, and abrasive materials.

HIGHPUMP™ hose pumps have no seals or stuffing boxes that present challenges and extra costs. The reinforced hose inner liner is the only part in contact with the pumped medium, so HIGHPUMP™ hose pump provide the customer with the lowest life cycle cost compared to other pump.
Flow rate drops off because of fluctuating viscosity levels is a minor concern compared to other pump technologies such as diagram pumps or centrifugal pumps as the capacity and efficiency will remain constant.