The First Choice For Severe Medium Transportation



HIGHPUMP ™ Hose pump has many uses in industry, but the most common use is for the application of conveying harsh media. The reason why these pumps are preferred in harsh medium transportation applications is that the pumped medium is limited in the pipe, the internal components of the pump will not contact the medium, and the medium only contacts the inner wall of the hose, which can prevent the harsh medium from causing abrasion and corrosion to the internal mechanical components of the pump.

Since the medium only contacts the inner wall of the hose, as long as the hose of suitable material is selected, HIGHPUMP ™  hose pump can complete the perfect transmission of harsh media such as concentrated acid and alkali. As long as the hose is replaced regularly, the effect of pipe replacement and pump replacement can be achieved. Therefore, HIGHPUMP ™  hose pump only needs little maintenance time and downtime, which can ensure the production of customers, and customers can obtain a higher cost performance.

The transportation of harsh media also often involves accurate measurement and low shear application. The flow rate of the medium conveyed by the hose pump is fixed per revolution, which ensures the accurate measurement of the medium conveyed. Therefore, they are a good choice for the application of dosing systems in many industries. For example, the pharmaceutical industry needs high-precision metering pumps, especially the formulation process, which is used for the coating of particles and tablets. The hose pump is the best choice. It can not only provide accurate measurement, but also provide food-grade hoses, avoid polluting the medium to be transported.

According to the market demand report of hose pump, hose pump will be widely used in water treatment, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, agriculture, pesticide industry and laboratory industry. HIGHPUMP ™ hose pump is committed to helping customers reduce production costs, reduce downtime losses, improve production efficiency, and provide innovative production process solutions. If you have relevant requirements, please feel free to contact Hankun (Beijing) Fluid Control Technology Co., Ltd. for consultation!